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As business people we are always told “failure is not an option” I think it is !

From the early evolution on mankind we have always had failure as part of our daily lives, It’s part of the human learning process. It’s our curiosity that drives us to look at how things are done now and how we can improve on them for the future. Whether it be knapping a flint stone to have a sharper edge or how medication can be administered in a more autonomous way.

Live Life - Lose Fear of Being Wrong
As this podcast is targeted at small businesses where failure in some shape or form is likely. From the show stoppers like cash flow to the minor where we over think the problems that face us and fall back on the old adage, I can’t do it, just walk away. This latter point is the most common failure we experience and this stems from self doubt.

We humans are social animals and the majority of us are always seeking reassurance, validation, comfort in once self choices. The rest are in my opinion are narcissists whose only goal is self satisfaction and this is not productive in the greater good of running a business.

In episode TbMP 037 I spoke about an accountability buddy, someone who holds you to account for your business decisions. This can also be used as a support function for when failure happens. To explain further Porta Palazzo is Western Europe’s biggest open air market located in Turin, Italy. Whilst markets have been replaced by supermarkets as our primary source of food. Markets offer a unique social perspective bringing together urban and rural views of the world. By that I mean people exchange there experiences and views of the world around them, whether it be in the food they are selling, politics the economy, farming methods or how they are at peace with themselves at the pace of their life. They share their experiences and not matter what you say you learn from others by listening.

So how does this all fall into “Failure is Always an Option” You feel alone, the What If can get in the way of taking action so listen to your peers, share your concerns about a business decisions with your family and partners. There insight can be refreshing and a way to validate your own decisions and sometimes you just got to take a leap of faith and just do it.

This brings me onto my final point this week. Not known for my book recommendations, but a nice little read that came out in 2008 called Leap Before You Look by Arjuna Armagh which gives you practices on getting out of your mind and into the moment. This can be of great comfort for small business owners because the ability to switch off is refreshing both physically & mentally and give you perspective and clarity.

Contributing Sources: Paul Munro
Mentions in this Podcast:
Wild Haggis – Helping You Get Stuff Done
Porta Palazzo Market
Leap before you look – Arjuna Armagh

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