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What is Post Production

For the purpose of audio and our stand point, it means taking a client’s audio and make it better. Often it is in the form of background noise removal, de-breath and timing corrections but can include gain adjustments and EQ levels. Listeners are fussy, if you have poor audio then they’re gone in only a few minutes and you won’t get them back.

Voice Over

With access to a wide range of male and female voice over talent, we can help you get the right voice for your project. When linked with our post production services we can offer a complete solution for IVR, Long form & Short form Narration, Audiobook and Podcasting.

Small Biz Marketing Podcasts

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. With thousands of brave men and women taking the plunge to start their own business every week. Support from local Chambers of Commerce is welcomed, but it only plays a small part in the overall running of an SME. As a small business ourselves, we are paying it forward and sharing our experiences with FREE hints and tips Podcast for small and micro-sized businesses.

Getting Started

As an entrepreneur taking those first steps in a new venture is one of the scariest things you are likely to do. You feel that nobody understands your feelings, trepidation. You continuously question am I doing the right thing, what the heck do I do next. We totally empathise your position and can help you through the steps to get your project off the ground. Afterall every project starts with a conversation, so as someone independent we can provide an objective view of your status. We offer a free 15-minute consultation to help you move things forward. Just drop me an email and we can set up a time for a skype chat. Want to really take it to the next level? Offering a cost-effective solution for your production and marketing needs, we help you get started on your business journey.


Whether you are a self-narrator, podcaster or home recording artist, the question of equipment is going to come up. What should I buy to get the best sound quality? When starting out, be frugal, don’t go spending huge amounts of money on equipment that you just don’t need right now. In fact you already have the most valuable piece of equipment you will ever need, your voice!

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